Friday, May 20, 2011

No Idea for a Title :)

Hey yo :) It's mid-terms exam season now,everyone would be busy studying or moaning about how long it is....yes yes yes some papers were hard some were easy...but the most important is wether what was written is the best you can do ;) Exams gonna be over on Monday and on Tues SMI MMB will be performing for the Closing Ceremony for MSSM =) I hope it'll be fun there cause it's the last formation for me in MMB!

Life is actually very amazing. There's so much to it. In life everyone in given and opportunity. Oh yes....i was given plenty of opportunities but I didn't appreciate it and there's no way i can get it back again. Sometimes you just have to take any opportunity given as you may not know when will you every be given this chance or it's only for once in your entire lifetime. I really regretted quitting band for one year when i was F4. Such a stupid decision.. I missed so so so so so much during that year. Then last year i didn't attend a dance competition i was supposed to go. How stupid of me missing all this chances. There much much more opportunities that i regretted not doing but it's the past.....I will have to change by grabbing any opportunity given in the future.

Seriously people....think about what you regretted not doing given the chance.Anyways that's all for now.Stay tuned next time =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Matured Much

Hello....update like again? Haha...anyways it's exam season now so it's like study everyday. So tired of it aihh....Sejarah is a sure Fail but others still okok ge hehehe...anyways....someone seems so matured la...OMG i wanna give you this 'o0o'. The hell? Call me childish? Haha so what if i like to joke around...crap...laugh and all? Jealous ke? Ass...let me tell you something..someone who claims he is more matured is showing that he is being childish. OOOOOPPPSSS >.< suck on that o0o.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Oh hey...what a day? Mother's day? Urgh!  I knew things will not go well. Whenever it's mother's day i never left home. Now? Should have just stayed at home and suck it all up. Up in the morning was good as it was an okay. Then all the i know how much waiting could's okay i kept saying to myself it's worth it...but i then it didn't go well. I almost forgotten and when you mentioned it at the escalator I just had to shut up. I really am jealous when i said it...not joking. Anyway it's all ok as I'm used to it.

Today is really not the day.Outta mood.
Reminder for self : Nothing good will ever happen on May the 8th.
It's my blog. I write what i want. Don't like it cause i wrote about Mother's Day? You can press the exit button.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Concert(The Last One)

Hi peeps.It's super long ago since i updated.HAHAHA.Okay so yea...I've joined back the MMB and participated in the 2011 'Beyond the Music' concert.I admit it was an amazing concert.This year I'm 17 and i believe it's the last year for all the teenage fun. I kinda regret stuff i didn't do or miss out but was glad that every year i had some achievement for school.
I remember when i was F1 we won Merdeka Parade as Champion for MMB.In F2 i joing in the MMB concert. In F3 i joined in the band competition and we came up second. In F4 i joined the school drama and in F5 i joined the MMB concert.So much fun in this five years,but seriously it seems like a very lil' time. By saying 5 years seems so long but now i really feel it's indeed very very very short...
Now it's Mid year and this depends how much i have learned and i believe i have much more to catch up on studies...aihh...i really want a break and feel the wind brushing against my face relaxing without thinking anything.I really hope i can go too a beach this mid year hols...

I want to relax and take a break for the  mean time.
The end.
Tune in next time :p

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hate me,Call me a Loser I don't Care xD(nice song)

All of the dirt you've been throwin' my way 
It ain't so hard to take (That's right) 
'Cause I know one day you'll be screamin' my name 
And I'll just look away (That's right) 

Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth (So everyone can hear) 
Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down (Baby, I don't care) 
Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out 
You wanna be, you wanna be 
A loser like me! A loser like me! 

Push me up against the locker 
And hey, all I'll do is shake it off, and getcha back when I'm your boss 
I'm not thinkin' 'bout you haters 
'Cause hey, I could be a superstar, I'll see you when you wash my car

I live my life the way i want. No one has the rights to judge me =) No one has the rights to judge people actually x)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What A Funny WOrlD it is 0.o

Seriously it's been so so so long since i last blogged...was too lazy too blog actually. But as time pass....i really wanna say it all out...too much stored inside. Have been obeserving what's in this world this days...So many many 'dissing' on people in my own Form/class. Gosh everyday it's brand...class..this that..come on know your standards...Dude YOU GUYS(Mr LMH and gang)! What's wrong with you always picking on your friend? ISn't he your "FRIEND" stop treating him like shit la...he's a good person la...not everyone in this world looks good and guys know right?Dont always 'lat or zet' him's ok once i awhile but not like too much..Don't make this world such a harsh place to live's teenage. Enjoy! Then there is this really weird person which i have no idea why out of jealousy he has to attack someone so severely causing him 20 stitches. Get a life la....what's lost is lost. And this weird guy....named CWL,win a bit wanna lc..OMG. COME ON LA! YOU WANT FACE ALSO NOT LIKE THAT LA~~ZZZZ.....All this crap going around everyday.....gosh! What a life? If everyone could see things the same way...then they'd know~ Chg people...dont treat people base on their class lvl or standard..if you aint that good yourself =)

P.S. You can call me hypocrite or whatsoever...but this is my blog...i write whatever i want..if you dont like it...then Bye Bye See You Take Care

Life has been so so much things to lil time....Grandparents is stressing on results so much =X
I seriously wanna die. Everyday need to study one hour at home only can touch the computer....actually F5 is just all about studies lo to me....everyday this word never leaves my ear =( what to do...7 more months and BAM!!! Imma HAVE FUN(for the mean time) haha xD

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is wrong with people nowadays?

I had to blog because of some pathetic people who are like dogs....come on man...i have stuff to do...wait la...u scared i won't do it ah? Like dog like to the master...rubbish! Father YOU! And i did what i have to do ok? Please dont think you're so smart kay? Urgh that's it! PISSED MAD!